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Winch Operations Power And Civils Teams Training Services and Training 07747193748

Winch Operations Power And Civils Teams Training Services and Training 07747193748

Winch Training Power And Coms Civils Teams

By attending the course, you will be able carry out the safe use and inspection of Winches and Bonds and be able to apply these safe working practices whilst using winches

Hydraulic winches are mechanical devices used to pull in (wind up) or let out (wind out) or otherwise adjust the tension of a rope or wire rope.

Hydraulic winches are machines designed for stringing low and medium voltage lines, for recovering overhead lines and for assembly and lifting operations.

Out on the course pupils are given practical demonstrations of typical winching situations for recovery and using the winch as a stationary method.

Pupils are then able to practice a variety of winching situations along with the selection of correct winch accessories for the task in hand, all under the close guidance of the instructor. Winch Types

Hydraulic winch - Single-drum hydraulic winches Multi Wheel Winch

Referring to Risk Assessment

Daily Inspection And Examination by Competent Persons

Maintenance of Bonds

Competent Persons

Winch Safety Practical Exercise Installation

Setting up Cable pulls O/HEAD and Underground Installations using

Multiple Reels for single or three phase overhead installations

Preparing underground cable Puller and Cable Rollers

Appreciate potential risks and dangers

Understand the importance of the familiarization with controls

Be aware of basic maintenance procedures

Be able to demonstrate an understanding of assessing typical winching situations

During the course the following subjects are discussed at all stages interaction between the instructors and course members are encouraged

Winch features and limitations

The suitability or otherwise of various types of winches

The importance of good communication between the winch operator and rigger

Assessing and contriving suitable anchor points

Wire rope assessment and care

Safety related issues involved when winching in areas with public access

Use of associated equipment such as pulley blocks and shackles etc

Consideration of wear on consumable items such as wire ropes Contact Chris for a no obligation discussion on your requirements Mobile: 07747193748