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Been sent a Contractors Questionnaire return Services and Training 07747193748

Been sent a Contractors Questionnaire return Services and Training 07747193748

Introduction to Pre-Qualification Questionnaires (PQQs)

A Pre-Qualification Questionnaire, normally abbreviated to 'PQQ', is a questionnaire that suppliers or contractors must fill out when bidding for work, applying for an approved supplier list or when applying for an accreditation scheme. They are very common in the public sector, but also sometimes used for private sector tenders too.

In the public sector, PQQs are useful tools to identify the most suitable supplier to invite to tender for contracts. When applications sometimes go into the hundreds, a standardised PQQ makes shortlisting potential suppliers far easier.

Typically, PQQs are scored according to the answers given. They cover company information, financial situation, expertise, experience and appropriate policies. There may be further bidding, but otherwise the supplier with the best total score will likely win the contract.

Status.Additional safety documentation may be required so that you are compliant with HSE LAW and this can be supplied bespoke to your business

The full details of your organisation are normally required here, from the basics to detailed information on the directors. If you plan to use sub-contractors in the delivery of the contract, details are also required. You must also outline how your organisation is suited and capable to deliver, ideally giving an example of how you have already carried out similar work.

"It has opened up markets and we have been able win tenders, without the ISO's we are not even eligible to submit a tender."
Anthony Hardy, Fine Turf

"We needed this certification in order to maintain an important customer. Also, it has given us a good image within the industry."
Dave Shear Jointing Specialist Ltd

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