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CDM Designer Services and Training 07747193748

CDM 2015 The main authority for health and safety matters under CDM 2015 rests with the Principal Contractor/Contractor once works have commenced on site.

In most projects the Principal Designer will continue to have a role and provide information and services throughout the construction phase the appointment is required for as long as design work continues.

If the Principal Designer appointment finishes before the end of the project because all design work is complete, then the Principal Designer must ensure that the Principal Contractor has comprehensive information on risks which have not been eliminated in the designs, the means employed to reduce or control those risks and the implications for implementing the design work during the remainder of the project.

The Principal Designer should also arrange to hand over the health and safety file.

Designers are required to undertake the following actions:

Client awareness check that the project client is aware of their duties under CDM before you carry out any work

Competence check the CDM competence of your business before you accept an engagement

Pre-construction information consider the pre-construction information and use it to inform preparation of your design

Avoid foreseeable risk in preparing a design, by eliminating hazards and reducing risk from remaining hazards

Delta Power can supply this role in a commercial and domestic capacity and be the appointed Designer to take the responsibility away from the client

Quality audits involve the process of assessing an organisation's quality procedures and measuring the overall effectiveness of its Quality Management System (QMS).

The goal of this type of audit is to ensure that the internal QMS in place is achieving the pre-determined quality objectives and, perhaps more importantly, to identify areas for future improvement.

To this end, the internationally recognised ISO 9000 family of standards lays out the key principles of an effective quality management system that satisfies the needs of customers & stakeholders while fulfilling all of the relevant regulatory requirements

With over 1 million global organisations certified to the standard, trained quality auditing personnel is in high demand across all industries Contact us for details Contact Chris for a no obligation discussion on your requirements Mobile: 07747193748