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National Grid Works SEPD Control Function Private Networks

National Grid Works SEPD Control Function Private Networks

Lifting Equipment Inspections Delta Power Management Services Specialise in assisting Clients and Contractors with National Grid Procedures and Safe Systems of works .


Experienced in (RISSP) Recording of Inter System Safety Precautions for High Voltage boundary Interface Works and Control Room Function for Private Networks with SEPD And NG Control Rooms.

Chris Woodward has been approved for the Acreditation as "Safety Coordinator" as noted on the SRS Site Responsability Shedules between NG And SEPD.With Multiple Schemes completed and a Track record in Safety Management on the System compliments Delta Power relationship with Clients with Private Network Systems and the Management of the Interface Boundries.

The National Grid Safety Rules Contractors Safety Rules, as read with related documents and procedures, are based on the principle that they should state what should be done to ensure that specified work or activity may be carried out without danger so far as is reasonably practicable. The dangers that can be divided into two categories:

Inherent dangers from the Network and distribution systems, plant and apparatus, which are covered by the National Grid Safety Rules whilst working in the NG Site Under Rules

General dangers associated with the work as it proceeds including, in addition to the work process, dangers from access and egress, the place of work and working environment. (These dangers may be of a different kind, and under different control, from the inherent dangers in (i) above and may not be specifically covered by these Safety Rules).

Systems constructed but not connected to National Grid are classed as Private Networks and licences accordingly under codes of Practice and legal obligations

Delta Power can assist in the implementation of Safe Systems of works and methodology to align with NG requirements as a Contractor to deliver these types of works

Operating Manuals and Electrical alignment of Contractors processes to adhere with the OC8 Operating Code and Safety From The System with RISSP and Nominated Safety persons consultancy available on request .

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